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Welcome! I write hot romance featuring alpha male heroes (usually cowboys) and smart heroines. Please check out my book pages for free excerpts of each book, as well as where to download them!

My Bookshelf:

NEW: Red Horse 1: The Legend of Fantasma $3.99

Adventurous Beth is looking forward to life out west on her father’s ranch. It’s even better than she expected – she finds a herd of wild mustangs that no one else knows about and begins befriending them.

Unfortunately, a clever band of desperadoes is stealing cattle and no one can track them. A spur of the moment action puts Bess right in the middle of a possible range war – and right next to the one man who endangers her resolve to stay single and free.

Now it’s up to Bess and her mysterious mustang to prevent disaster. Feelings can wait, right? (46k word full length novel)

Discipline Ranch 2: Julie in the Rough $2.99

Julie went West to reboot her life. The gorgeous guy rescuing a puppy was a nice bit of eye candy on the way there – until he turned up again on the ranch! She’s never been so distracted before, but is he hiding something? 20k word novella

Discipline Ranch 1: Melanie’s Master $2.99

The blizzard interrupted her journey to her new life. Now Melanie is stuck in a house with the hunkiest, and kindest, cowboy she’s ever seen. How will she ever leave Brett and his ranch when the snow melts? When he discovers her shameful secret, Brett offers a unique (and painful), solution that leaves her craving more and more. (19k word novella)

Spanked in the Haunted Barn

Kayla and Jenny are caught trespassing by a stern, old-fashioned cowboy! (6k word short story) Book One in Haunted Barn Spankings.

Punished by the Cowboy $2.99

New lovers Kayla and Jenny can’t help being curious about the abandoned, spooky barn they found on summer vacation. Why is it said to be haunted? And why do the girls keep thinking about the strict cowboy who spanked them for trespassing in it? (14.8k word short story) Book Two in Haunted Barn Spankings.

The Stable Boy’s Seed $2.99

Lonely Lady Catherine thought marriage would involve marital duties – how disappointing! Now the new stable hand is causing terribly sinful thoughts to arise… (6.6k word short story)

Caitlin a Mile High – ONLY from this website!

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Caitlin and her brand new husband want to join the mile high club on the way to their honeymoon. They are flying first class, but still can’t find any privacy. Maybe if they get creative… (2k words)

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About Felicity

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Felicity Thornwall lives in California with her husband and an assortment of quirky pets. She rides horses and has always harbored a yen to be an old time cattle baron(ess). She writes romantic erotica about kind alpha male heroes and smart heroines, sizzling love scenes, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA!

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