Discipline Ranch 1: Melanie’s Master


Discipline Ranch 1: Melanie’s Master

The blizzard interrupted her journey to her new life. Now Melanie is stuck in a house with the hunkiest, and kindest, cowboy she’s ever seen. How will she ever leave Brett and his ranch when the snow melts? When he discovers her shameful secret, Brett offers a unique (and painful), solution that leaves her craving more and more. Now Melanie has to know – is she the ugly, invisible girl she’s always believed, or does Brett feel more than just kindness for her?

This domestic discipline romance contains adult material including light BDSM/spanking, an alpha male, passionate sex, body image issues, and a sweet HEA.

19k words, exclusively on Kindle Unlimited – $3.99


She bundled up and they went outside. Their breath hung in white clouds in front of their faces, the cold so brisk that it stung the nose and ears. Melanie followed Brett through a trampled trail in the snow. Most of the drifts around them appeared to be three feet high and she had an irresistible urge to play with the smooth, untouched snow.

“Man, this snow makes me really want to have a snowball fight.” She said. “Or build a fort!”

He glanced over his shoulder. “A snowball fight, huh?”

“Doesn’t it just make you want to?”

“Hmm.” He reached out and grabbed a handful of snow. She realized he was making a snowball and barely had time to duck before he turned around and lobbed it at her.

She grabbed for snow and quickly threw a snowball at him, which splattered harmlessly on his boot, but forgot to duck in time for his return shot. It hit her arm and she jumped a little, then returned fire.

“Hey, truce!” She called a few minutes later, breathless. They were both red-faced and laughing, covered with snow.

“Had enough?” He teased.

“Maybe. Or maybe I’m just waiting until the perfect time for a sneak attack… Where are the bison, by the way?”

He led her through the biggest barn, down a row of stalls with horses munching hay from feeders. She cooed in admiration at them, but they were too busy to notice her. Even Blackie barely flicked an ear at them walking by. The horses’ chewing was somehow very soothing, a sound full of contentment. A tabby cat approached and when she knelt and beckoned it purred and wove around her. Brett waited patiently for her to finish petting it. “That’s Baby.”

“Hi Baby! Aww, you’re so cute…” Melanie had always liked cats. For some reason she felt comfortable enough around Brett to coo like a grandma, though normally she would have been too self-conscious to do that in front of a guy. After a minute she stood up and followed Brett out the back of the barn. The cat followed until the door and then sat down primly and watched them maneuver through the snow. A large corral held about a dozen bison who were all gathered around a line of hay tossed on the snow. They chewed slowly and contentedly and did not seem to care that they were standing in snow almost to their bellies.

“Cool! What made you decide to switch to bison? Can you make as much money with them as you can with cattle?”

“I’ve always liked living off the land as much as possible and my parents did a great job of raising us that way, but bison are better for long-term sustainability in this climate. Plus they’re cool. And if I do it right I can probably make a better living with bison than with cattle, though we’ll see. My dad’s pretty old fashioned and doesn’t think it’ll work, but I’m pretty determined.”

She liked listening to him talk, that slow yet purposeful way he spoke, the soothing voice… He was also a very handsome old-timey cowboy, with his hat, strong jaw and stubble, and heavy coat and jeans and boots. He had strong legs and she glanced away quickly before he noticed her staring.

“I bet it’ll work great. They look nice… are they always this slow and calm? I thought they’d be wild.”

“Oh, don’t be fooled. They’re mostly tame but they still have all their instincts and can be very athletic. I have to modify the fences anytime I let them in a new pasture, which is another big expense, because they are so good at jumping and running. So far there hasn’t been too much trouble, but I’m curious what calving season will be like.”

She took some pictures with her phone and then they returned back to the house. Melanie briefly considered restarting the snowball fight, but by now her hands in their gloves were aching from the bitter cold. Brett asked if she wanted to hike down and try to restart her car and she asked if it was okay to wait until later.

“Sure. Make yourself comfortable.”

She thanked him and headed inside, shivering. He started restocking the fireplace, which was burning down to coals, and she took her outer garments off and headed upstairs to read a bit more.


By late afternoon it was apparent that it would take a few days for enough snow to melt to be able to dig her car out. The next few days were quite cozy. She volunteered to make all the meals and do various housekeeping chores, which he allowed her to do, though he still insisted she was not going to pay him. He spent a lot of time spreading hay for the animals and checking water supplies and various other chores and she had a lot of free time in the warm cabin. Sometimes she went outside in the morning and walked around or visited the barn animals, but mostly she stayed inside where it was warm. She read several more of the cowboy books and also started to research online about bison raising. It was more interesting than she had expected and rather cool that every time she told Brett something she had learned he explained even more about it. He was like a sexy nerdy cowboy and Melanie had never felt this combination of lust and respect before. At night when she tried to sleep she tossed and turned, wishing his arms were around her, and wishing he was in bed with her and naked so she could do… things… to him. Then when she did fall asleep she tended to have vivid flashes of dreams involving Brett’s rear in those jeans or his muscled arms doing cowboy things and she would wake up feverish and wet.

She was also losing weight here, for some reason. The food was all high calorie and fatty food, so she was not sure why, but she felt great and her clothes were getting looser. Maybe it was just that most of it was made from scratch and had no corn syrup or weird ingredients. By the fourth day she was sure this place was in some magical parallel universe of good food and loose clothes and eye candy.

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