Discipline Ranch 2: Julie in the Rough


Julie went West to reboot her life. The gorgeous guy rescuing a puppy was a nice bit of eye candy on the way there – until he turned up again on the ranch! She’s never been so distracted before, but is he hiding something?

This domestic discipline romance contains adult material including light BDSM/spanking, an alpha male, passionate sex, abuse, and a sweet HEA.

19k words, exclusively on Kindle Unlimited – $3.99


“Should we go help?” I asked Smitty. We were standing across from each other, me inside the fence, waiting to help with cutting and rolling the next strand of rusty barb wire.

“No, I think he’s got it under control.” Smitty said just as the cows moved away from Brett and flowed along the fence toward us in a wave. I waved my hands at them, not wanting them to get too close to me, as I was on the inside of the fence. A calf bawled unhappily and all of a sudden one of the cows, bellowing in response, lowered her head and charged at me!

It would have been pretty simple to hop over or under the single strand of wire left on this stretch and run, but I was so surprised by the sudden danger that I froze. Smitty grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up and over the fence in a swivel motion just as the cow rammed into the wooden post two feet away and cracked it in half.  She shook her head, horns clacking and untangling from the ruined post, then grunted a few times and walked away, apparently satisfied she had protected her baby. Slowly I opened my eyes and realized I was safe. Smitty held me firmly against him, my breasts crushed against his hard chest, and I could feel his heart beating fast. Mine was pounding in my ears as adrenaline surged through me. That cow had almost killed me!


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