Punished by the Cowboy


Punished by the Cowboy, a Haunted Barn story (sequel to Spanked in the Haunted Barn)

New lovers Kayla and Jenny can’t help being curious about the abandoned, spooky barn they found on summer vacation. Why is it said to be haunted? And why do the girls keep thinking about the strict cowboy who spanked them for trespassing in it?

This mildly spooky novel features an abandoned and mysterious barn, a hot cowboy, bisexual menages, spanking, and a HEA.

14k words  $2.99


“How about we go skinny dipping?” Jenny suggested.

Kayla giggled, a little nervous, and started to take off her bikini top. There was no one in sight or hearing and she had always wanted to skinny dip. Jenny pushed her bikini bottoms down, bending over to get them off all the way, and Kayla admired her lithe figure and the sweet little rolls of her normally flat stomach as she bent over. When both girls were naked they embraced and kissed there in the sun, unable to resist touching each other. Eventually they waded into the cool river water and Kayla tried going toward the deeper section. Surprisingly, though certain parts of her reacted to the coolness of the water, it was pretty comfortable swimming naked and soon she and Jenny were swimming slowly around in the dappled shade of gnarled old trees leaning over the water. Fish emerged from hiding places and swam away from them, and Kayla almost managed to touch one with her foot. She was a little tipsy from the beer she had drunk so quickly and swimming naked with her girlfriend in this little paradise was making her feel almost euphoric. Jenny looked happy, her dark hair sleekly wet down her back and her slender limbs moving gently to keep her afloat.

It was then, as the girls smiled at each other, that they heard something downstream. Something close to where their clothes were piled. Some rocks dislodged and crunched together as if under a footstep. There was a swirling sound and more rocks crunching. Kayla and Jenny looked at each other, eyes wide, and realized they could not climb out easily where they were. They both began swimming hard to get behind an old fallen log where they could maybe hide. They just barely managed to huddle together behind it, arms crossed along the top to hold themselves above water, legs brought up underneath in a sitting position. Kayla accidentally got too close to the rough old bark, scraping her breasts, and pulled back with a grimace just as a man in fishing gear and rubber waders came around the bend. He looked young, under 30, and he saw them right away.

“Oh. Hello ladies. I did not mean to disturb you.”

Kayla jumped and Jenny gasped. “It’s you!” she said.

The cowboy/fisherman, who had been turning around, turned back and looked across the stream at them, eyes narrowing.

“Oh! I see. Well, this is awkward. I suppose now that I have the chance I should apologize to you again-” he looked at Kayla “for overstepping myself.” He was actually blushing and Kayla found it weirdly charming that someone so authoritative could also blush. “I got carried away when I only meant to, um, punish you. I regret it and understand if you…”

Kayla held up her hand, stopping him. Maybe the beer made her do it, but she smiled and winked at him. “You were a very bad boy… for stopping.”

His eyes widened.

Jenny smiled at Kayla’s flirting and chimed in. “Yeah, are you going to make it up to her?”

Blake looked rather taken aback, but when Kayla tilted her head and beckoned with one finger he raised an eyebrow and started sloshing toward them with a slight, challenging smirk on his face. Kayla forgot where she was for a second and let the water carry her into the rough-barked log again, flinching briefly. Blake’s face in the daylight was quite attractive – he had been so authoritative that she was surprised at how young he looked now, with brown eyes and a strong jaw. As he came to a stop in front of their log and looked down at the naked girls in the swirling river water, Kayla suddenly felt very, very exposed. How come she always ended up with fewer and fewer clothes every time they met?

“Well. I see you girls have been having yourselves a nice country day.”

“Yes, this is Kayla’s first time skinny dipping, can you believe that? She’s in college and has never done it. I told her she had to do it, it’s like a tradition.” Jenny spoke rapidly and a bit breathlessly.

“Yes, it is a tradition. Long live tradition.” He said, admiring them both with long, leisurely glances.

Kayla felt like his eyes were scorching her as he looked down her body, past her bare breasts down her slim waist and to her legs curled up under the log, and down to her feet. Then he looked slowly back up and into her eyes. His brown eyes were alight with passion and she lost her breath.

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