The Stable Boy’s Seed


Lady Catherine thought marriage would involve marital duties – how disappointing! Wedded to a man who barely touches her, still without a child, she dreams of passion and unspeakable acts no lady should imagine.

Lonely on the country estate, she cannot help but notice the new stable boy. Will wicked desires overwhelm them both? Dangerous thoughts lead to dangerous actions and either happiness or ruin await…

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They took the shortcut through the fields. After riding a quarter of a mile, still on her husband’s land, they came to the little copse of trees that was home to many flowers. Catherine found that the spring was far enough advanced now that the flowers were in full bloom and she halted the mare.

“I think I shall walk for a bit and pick some flowers for Maria.” She said.

Hadley jumped off his horse and came around to help her dismount. When she looked down at him, holding his arms up to aid her, his brown eyes looking wistfully into hers, she grew hot all over and forgot how to move. Catherine found herself stumbling and falling straight into his strong grip and crushed to his chest. Her breasts tingled at the contact through layers of fabric and her knees went weak. He gazed into her eyes for a long moment. At last, he set her on her feet and steadied her. Then he did something absolutely bold. As if he was gently born, he took her gloved hand and bowed over it, then kissed her wrist. His lips, soft but firm, felt like they were branding her skin and she lost her breath. The last thing she remembered was her pulse pounding in her ears as everything faded out.

The next thing she knew, Catherine was lying on the ground and Hadley was patting her face. “M’lady?” Her head was still swimming and she kept her eyes closed for the moment. She could feel him loosening her dress, trying to give her more air. As he unfastened the buttons at her neckline, she finally opened her eyes and gave a sigh.

“Oh! How do you feel?” he asked.

She was not sure what to say, just looked at him. He seemed to read her mind, for after a moment he leaned down and, tenderly cupping her face with his hand, he softly kissed her lips. It felt like heaven. It felt better than her wickedest dreams. She twined her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

They kissed for what seemed an age, and then he pulled away and they gasped for air, both intoxicated with each other. He kissed her neck and she gasped, feeling heat flush all over her. He kissed down to her collarbone, where the buttons were open. Then he opened another two buttons and kissed the white skin there and she panted and stroked his hair, encouraging these liberties. He kissed both gentle swells where her breasts lay, restrained by her corset and chemise, and then he kissed back up to her mouth. Gently, he teased her lips apart and she found his tongue venturing into her open mouth. She had never dreamed this was possible, but she found it most agreeable and responded shyly. He started breathing harder and began unfastening more buttons, all the way down to her waist. Then he sat up and, still kissing her, he began coaxing her sleeves off. When she froze for a second, unsure what was happening and knowing how wrong all of this was, he stopped and looked at her with a question in his eyes. He was panting, his brown eyes were blazing, and she could see a most frightening yet intriguing bulge in his brown trousers. She rose to her knees and rapidly shed her clothes with his help. He tore his own shirt off with abandon, several buttons popping off into the grass, and made a soft spot for her in the grass. Gently he laid her back, as tenderly as if she was made of glass, and his kisses promised secret wonders.

He began to kiss and caress every inch of her naked body, and his adoration was so strong that she could not think enough to hesitate or worry. She simply wrapped her arms around him and panted with delight. When he pulled back to unfasten his trousers, she watched from under her arm, wantonly curious to see what a man’s member looked like in daylight.

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